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Is The Cow Sprayer just for cattle?

No! Any animal that can fit through the opening can be sprayed. We’ve been asked about horses, sheep, even reindeer!


Would a longhorn fit through The Cow Sprayer?

Depending on the size of the longhorn. However, we now have a “Longhorn” model, which has a wider opening.


Do the cows get sprayed entering and exiting the sprayer?

No. You can set it to spray on the right only, the left side only, or both directions. But we recommend you only spray going one direction.


How often should I spray my cattle?

It depends on the region of the country you live in. More external pests (i.e. horn flies) will require more frequent treatment. We recommend approximately 20-30 days apart.


Does the spraying startle the cattle?

This is where setup is an extremely important step. We recommend you get the cattle used to going through The Cow Sprayer gradually. Then you can adjust the amount of spray.


Do I have to spray pesticide or insecticide every time?

No. You can spray water whenever you’d like. You can also turn the Cow Sprayer off as needed. When they flies show up, turn the Cow Sprayer back on, and start spraying!


Where can I set up The Cow Sprayer?

Wherever it works best for your particular situation! From one pasture to another works extremely well, as does the area where you keep their water and feed.


What size tanks can be used?

The Cow Sprayer can be equipped with a 25 or 40 gallon tank. Larger tanks can be used, but you’ll want to speak with us first.


How is The Cow Sprayer powered?

The Cow Sprayer uses a mounted solar panel and battery on the top of the unit, next to the 25 or 40 gallon tank. With proper maintenance, it will last for years.


Can the amount of spray be adjusted?

Absolutely! In fact, it is critical that the spray not be too strong at first. This will prevent the cattle from being scared of the sprayer, and any sprayed treatment accidentally getting in their eyes, nose, etc.


What if I only need a small amount of spray?

The Cow Sprayer is completely adjustable, in virtually every aspect. Spray nozzles can be placed almost anywhere on the rails, for example. You can also adjust the strength and amount of spray at any time.

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