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The Cow Sprayer


Hands-free fly spraying is here.

Fly control has never been easier. Or safer.

Portable. Solar powered. Automated tank mixing. Hands-free operation. This is The Cow Sprayer.

Easily moves between pastures any time you want.

With its 8 spray nozzles, the 25 gallon tank will spray approximately 800 head one time. The optional 40-gallon tank will spray approximately 1200 head one time.

It sprays the top, sides, and bottom of the animal. You can spray all 8 nozzles, or mix and match as needed.

Yes, your cows will go through it. See the video below and watch the cows get sprayed – quietly.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Cow Sprayer works…

Safe pesticide treatment

Stop climbing in your pen to apply pesticides. Traditional pesticide applications stress out your livestock. When they get stressed, they lose weight, which costs you money. It is time to throw away your vet guns, hand sprayers, and fly tags. Let the Cow Sprayer do all the hard work for you – safely and hands-free. Think of how much time – and trips to the hospital – you’ll save.

Sprays pesticide, water, or wormer

During fly season you must get your livestock treated for fleas, ticks, mites, lice, face flies, etc. The Cow Sprayer does this automatically when the animal walks through the frame. But in hot summer months, you can now cool them off by spraying water anytime you want! Simply swap out your pesticide with water to give your animals a cool-down session. You can also put wormer in the tank to spray along the back.

Solar powered

As with the original Cow Sprayer unit, the Cow Sprayer Express is solar-powered and never needs to be plugged in. Each time the spray is triggered, it draws a minimal amount of charge from the battery, but is strong enough to spray the entire animal – front, back, sides, and legs. The Cow Sprayer Express works in any weather condition all year long. 

Sprays 800 head one time

With three spray nozzles (one on top, and one on each side), you can cover the entire animal easily with its 15 gallon tank. Easy to refill. Comes with a tank mixer that automatically runs every 30 minutes for 15 seconds at a time. No more hand mixing your pesticide!

University of Georgia Study

The University Of Georgia tested The Cow Sprayer against other methods of fly control. How did it do? Here are the results…

Frequently Asked Questions

Because The Cow Sprayer is a unique piece of equipment, we know you’ll have some futher questions. We try to answer them all on this page.


Portable, Sets Up FAST!

Available in a variety of configurations…

The Cow Sprayer is available with or without gates and wheels. Comes with either a 25 or 40-gallon tank, and can also be wired for 110v power (call for details).

*NOTE* Battery not included.

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Cow Sprayer: $4995

Get a Cow Sprayer for only $4995, (25-gallon model, $5195 for the 40-gallon model) which includes free shipping to the lower 48 US states.

**NOTE** Battery not included.

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