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Our customers report a 90% reduction in flies, pink eye, and diseases.

The Cow Sprayer

If you’ve been looking for an automated spraying system so you can keep flies off your cows, take a look at The Cow Sprayer.

The solid-steel Cow Sprayer is portable, solar powered, and has 8 spray nozzles to spray those places that fly tags, vet guns, and hand sprayers can’t.

Fill it up, turn it on, and let the cows do the work for you!

Starting at $4995

Free shipping to lower 48 US states

The Cow Sprayer Express

The Cow Sprayer Express is designed for long-term installation. You build a frame with wood or gates. Then set it on top, fill it up and turn it on. 

The Cow Spayer Express comes with a front curtain with strips that will get soaked with pesticide. This helps with those stubborn face flies. 

The 15-gallon tank sprays approximately 1400 head one time for less than a nickel per spray.


Free shipping to lower 48 US states

The Mineral Feeder

Those cheap plastic mineral feeders you have to buy every year can’t spray for flies…but ours does.

And our Mineral Feeder™ is made from solid steel. It holds 300 pounds of minerals, and can’t be tipped over. 

Here’s the best part: when they push the front door open, it sprays pesticide on the back and front legs. Plus, the sock on the front applies face-fly treatment and helps prevent the spread of pink eye. 


Free shipping to lower 48 US states

Georgia Juice

If you’re tired of spraying harsh chemicals on your animals and land, try our all-natural fly control spray: Georgia Juice

Made from essential oils such as peppermint, citronella and others, Georgia Juice gives your animals a shiny coat without the chemical garbage. 

Also works on dogs, horses, and virtually every other animal!

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