The Cow Sprayer

Automated fly control is finally here, for less than a nickel per spray.

Let your cows apply their own fly treatment! The solid-steel Cow Sprayer is portable, solar powered, and has 8 spray nozzles to cover the entire animal.

The Cow Sprayer Express

It also spays pesticide, and the front curtain applies face-fly treatment! You build a frame between pastures, and put the 80-pound Express unit on top. The 15-gallon tank sprays approximately 1400 head one time through, all for less than a nickel per spray. Solid-steel base, and works in all weather conditions.

The Mineral Feeder

Our solid-steel Mineral Feeder holds 300 pounds of minerals, and can’t be tipped over. It also applies fly treatment to the front legs, back, and chest when the front door is pushed open. The sock on the front applies face-fly treatment and helps prevent the spread of pink eye. Get rid of the tires and plastic feeders for good.

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